Student Comments

The convenience was a major plus!
— M.D., Beaverton

This was a very convenient way for me to complete a traffic school program. I think it is a great way. Thanks for offering it.
— J.W., Porterville

If I did not have the option to take traffic school online, I most likely would not have attended traffic school, unless I would have been required to. Thank You.
— A.C., Woodlake

Thank you for providing an invaluable service. For someone that travels both frequently and unexpectedly, I really appreciate being able to attend traffic school online. Additionally, it was much easier to concentrate on the material at home. Thanks again.
— W.S., San Francisco

This traffic online school helped me as it is provided 24 hours a day and can be completed at a more convenient time for me.
— D.E., Dinuba

It was very informative and easy for me to follow. It was also more convienient for me to access due to my busy schedule...THANK YOU!!

I was told that this was the smart and least time consuming way to take traffic school. With my schedule it was a big help to take this class. Thanks.
— D.F., Covina

Thank you for allowing me to complete my program without getting a babysitter for four children. God Bless.
— M.M., Mammoth Lakes

Online Traffic school was an excellent option for me. I am an extremely busy working professional and being able to study the chapters on my own (usually late evenings) was great! I found myself being able to focus more clearly on the curriculum and as a result, walked away much more informed than if I had been rushed in a classroom setting. Thank You Online Traffic School!
— W.W., Los Angeles, CA

Great class! I learned a lot and it was enjoyable. Also, with my busy schedule I was able to attend school and still provide an income for my family. Thank You!
— T.F., Ridgecrest, CA

Thank You for this service. I found it to be more valuable than a class room setting because I was the one having to do the research and it seems to stick in my memory better, not to mention, it was challenging and fun.
— M.F., Porterville, CA

This site saved me from a point on my record and its much easier then having to drag myself to a class room. What a great idea you guys had.
— D.S., Ontario

An extremely informative and simple program.
— K.F., Poway

I feel that taking an online study course let me feel more comfortable while taking the class and therefore helped me to learn more that I would have at a physical class.
— J.V., Turlock