Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I finish this course?

The course is designed to take around 4–6 hours to complete. The great thing about this course, however, is that you work at your own pace. No one is sitting over your shoulder making you slow down or speed up. Everyone reads at different speeds and this program will allow you to proceed at your own pace and there is no time maximum for the program. The average completion time varies on your reading ability.

How long does it take to get the certificate?

Once you complete the course you will be able to download and print the completion certificate. Oregon requires students to bring their completion certificate to the required court. The exceptions are Baker Municipal, Carlton Municipal, City of Dundee, Cottage Grove, Fairview Municipal, Hines Municipal, Hood River, Josephine County, Junction City, Lafayette Court, McMinnville Municipal, Reedsport, Tigard Municipal, Umatilla Municipal, Yamhill County, and Yamhill Municipal. These courts require that we send the completion certificates to them directly.

Does the course cost anything?

Unfortunately, there is a cost to attend online driver improvement. $39.95 will cover all elements of the course including immediate access to the site, attendance of the test site, and the completion certificate. Regular in class driver improvement courses charge similar fees. Driver improvement courses are privately operated industry and whether you sit in a class or choose this online program, you will need to pay for it.

How can I pay for the course?

You can pay for the course by credit card. After you fill out the registration form, you can be linked to a completely secure credit card page where you pay quickly and effortlessly. The site is encrypted to make your online purchase safe.

What if my deadline for completion of the driver improvement course has passed?

Contact your court directly for instructions regarding extension of your due date. Online Driver Improvement cannot extend your due date.

How do I register for this course?

Registration for this course is quite simple. You can click here and be taken to the online registration page. Just complete all the appropriate fields and you can get started right away. You may also call us at 1-888-731-9241 to register on the phone. Either way, it just takes minutes and you are able to start right away.

Can I use someone else's computer or Internet service?

That is what makes this course so easy and great! You can take this from home, work, a friend or family's house, your local library, or you can even rent time on the Internet at a copy/computer center. Whatever computer you use, you simply need Internet access. You can also start on your own computer and then finish on another.

Must I complete this course in one sitting?

Online Driver Improvement is designed for the person who does not have a lot of time. The course is broken up into twelve (12) sections. You can complete one segment, for example, log off, and then log back on at a later time, and the computer will record the section you have completed. You can log on and off as many times as you wish until you complete the program. You can also do the entire course in one sitting... it is up to you.

I have already enrolled. How do I get back into the program?

If you have already enrolled, you have a username and password. You may reenter those codes on our Login page where instructed as many times as necessary to access and complete the program. If you have forgotten or lost your username or password, give us a call at 1-888-731-9241.

I just got knocked off line in the middle of a section. What do I do now?

Many Internet users are knocked off line frequently. This may result from a lost Internet connection or simply because your own computer crashes. Remember, as you complete each section of the course, your progress is logged. Completion of chapter one, for example, cannot be lost if you have completed the section and have advanced to the Chapter One quiz. Being knocked off line at that point, will only bring you back to the start of the quiz, it will not delete Chapter One. Our website is unable to control your Internet connection and inactivity on your part will not result in our system knocking you off line. Any activity requirements will be on the part of your Internet service provider.

Are there any special computer or download requirements to participate in the course?

There are no videos to download in our program and no special requirements at all of your computer. If you are on this screen and on our website, you can typically enroll and complete the course without a problem.

What happens if I fail the final? Can I take it again?

There is no limit to how many times you may attempt the final exam. However, if you fail the final, a new, different version will appear the next time.

If you have any questions Contact Us.